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Ghetto Station Antenna Tracker.

It has been designed around the Arduino Mega using a compatible LCD screen with 3 buttons. The LCD case with buttons can be detached and mounted underneath to allow the use of tall tripod mounts and still be able to get at the functions while its above your head. 
180deg Pan 
180deg Tilt 
3s 2200 lipo with banana charge inputs. 
tripod mount 
Arduino can still be updated by the accessible usb port 
2 x audio and video output 
Low voltage buzzer 
illuminated Power Button 
Ghetto Ground Station

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Uploaded 11/30/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

1. Vrx Shelf.STL 73 KB
2. Left Tilt Arm.STL 61 KB
3. Right Tilt Arm.STL 54 KB
4. Pan Base.STL 69 KB
5. Pan Base Mount.STL 107 KB
6. Pan Servo Mount.STL 208 KB
7. LCD Case Lid.STL 137 KB
8. Ghetto Mounting Plate.STL 85 KB
9. Alloy Pin.STL 28 KB
10. Plain Lid.STL 241 KB
11. Tracker Lid.STL 418 KB
12. DIY Antenna Back Plate.STL 64 KB
13. Bottom L Side.STL 149 KB
14. Bottom R Side.STL 142 KB
15. Case Bottom.STL 529 KB
16. Enclosure (Ghetto).STL 2 MB
17. Mounting Plate.STL 163 KB
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