12 Turn Helical Antenna RcHobbysUK

This is our design for a 12 turn 5.8GHz tuned to 5645Ghz Frequency. 
0.23 Wavelengths 
14.07 dBi 
Bandwidth (@ -1dB) Fmax/Fmin 1.06 
Fmax: 5816.18 GHz 
Fmin: 5478.85 GHz 
Bandwidth (@ -3dB) 
Fmax/Fmin: 1.13 
Fmax: 6004.56 
Fmin: 5306.96 
Beam width (@ -3dB) 31.3 Degrees

Parts Needed 
SMA Mount Plate 
1mm Copper wire 
Sharp Knife 
3mm sheet of aluminium or copper for reflector

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Uploaded 11/30/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Base_Plate.PDF 90 KB
Base_Plate.STL 285 KB
Left_Side_Wire_Guide.STL 2 MB
Right_Side_Wire_Guide.STL 2 MB
Temaplate_RHCP_5.8_x_2mm_Body_1.STL 3 MB
Template_RHCP_5.8_x_2mm_Body_2.stl 580 KB
Top_Wire_Guide.STL 2 MB
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