Storage Units with Draws RcHobbysUK

This is our design for a small Storage unit with draws. It has been designed for screw storage and small parts. Designed with thin walls for fast printing and less material used. The box units are a a nice snug fit and the draws slide in and out with ease.

Small Draw = 40x30x70mm
Large Draw = 80x30x70

Small labels cut out of card or paper can be added to the draws.

Dividers can also be made out of card for the inside of the draws.

you can add as many draws to this design as you want.

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Uploaded 12/2/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Big Box Unit.STL 54 KB
Large Box 80x30x70.STL 294 KB
Small Box 40x30x70.STL 266 KB
Small Box Unit.STL 11 KB
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