Destiny Mk.44 Hand Cannon Colton Feirer

This is my first run on the destiny Mk.44 hand cannon so give me some feedback if you download it. I don't have a tutorial how to put it together yet, but once I get another pristine print that I haven't assembled I will make a video of it and post it on YouTube

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Uploaded 12/4/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

backstrap.stl 387 KB
backstrap_back_left.stl 154 KB
backstrap_back_right.stl 152 KB
backstrap_front_left.stl 34 KB
backstrap_front_right.stl 34 KB
barrel_pivot.stl 79 KB
center_barrel.stl 170 KB
cylinder.stl 562 KB
cylinder_pin.stl 73 KB
front.stl 75 KB
front_barrel.stl 346 KB
front_left_side.stl 162 KB
front_right_side.stl 163 KB
grip_base.stl 14 KB
hammer.stl 250 KB
left_lower_mount.stl 7 KB
left_receiver.stl 213 KB
left_side_grip.stl 360 KB
left_trigger_guard.stl 94 KB
pivot_block.stl 82 KB
right_grip.stl 339 KB
right_lower_mount.stl 7 KB
right_receiver.stl 203 KB
right_trigger_guard.stl 94 KB
trigger.stl 193 KB
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