piTV: Desktop Raspberry PI/LCD enclosure Teece

Here we have a Raspberry Pi loaded with XBMC running on a small widescreen 4.3" LCD all in a small desktop enclosure. I wanted something for my desk at work to watch news or listen to music and so piTV was born. Parts listed below: -Raspberry Pi Model B with XBMC
-RCA video cable, 90 degree (left angle) preferred but standard will work if you cut some off the wire housing.
-Headphone extender.
-Micro USB for Pi power (90 degree)
-No slip Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet
-I use the built in ethernet, but also have this for wifi and it works great...

Here are some basic instructions: Slide the LCD into the Outer enclosure and use a hot glue gun to hold in place. The LCD comes with a power adapter with two wires exposed, a red wire and a black wire. Find a USB cable and cut it in half leaving the male end, solder the red and black wire to the power adapter and use a USB hub to power the LCD. The Pi doesn't quite have enough juice to power the LCD on its own. The headphone adapter is held in place with some hot glue as well. Everything else is plug and play and should just drop right in. The right angle RCA and micro USB for the Pi are needed for the lack of space. Four #4 x 1/2" Phillips head screws were used to attach the bottom to the outer case. Ask if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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