Fish Tank LED Mounting Hardware and Driver Mounting Brackets Brant

This is what I designed to mount a 50W LED, driver board and heat sink above a fish tank used for growing plants.
The driver used here is DC-DC 100W Constant Current Boost Step-up Module Mobile Power Supply LED Driver from eBay which was mounted with 2mm bolts and held up with 2 nuts under the board on each nut. The metal rods are 1/8".
This heat sink already had the 70mm fan bracket for which I used the adapter.  For the 70MM side I had to use zip ties because the holes don't line up. 80MM holes lined up correctly.   Holes for the bolts need to be drilled.  

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

50wledbracket - Untitled-54f3fdcf (repaired).stl
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50wledbracketwboardholder - 50wledbracketwboardholder (repaired).stl
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70to80fanbracket - 70to80fanbracket (repaired).stl
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fishtanklightbracket50w - fishtank light bracket2 (repaired).stl
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