RepRapDiscount Smart Controller 127754

RepRapDiscount Smart Controller cover and mounting accessories. It was designed for the Prusa_I3. It simply twists onto the x axis stepper motor.Assembly requires: 
- x4 3x10mm screws, 
- x12, 2x6mm screws
If you appreciate the effort that went into this design, then make a donation by purchasing here. Else go to the Thingiverse to get it for free

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Uploaded 03/10/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

StepperClamp.stl 112 KB
Mount_1.stl 72 KB
Mount_2.stl 91 KB
RepRapDiscount Smart Controller_BackV2.stl 267 KB
RepRapDiscount Smart Controller_Front.stl 137 KB
RepRapDiscount Smart Controller_Button.stl 14 KB
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Great work!
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