Party Popper Cannon Mutant Design

This beauty is a deadly little design that takes regular party poppers and turns them into ferocious firepower. It works by inserting a stripped down party popper into the back of the barrel of the cannon and loading a BB bullet into the front. When you pull the party popper string it sends the BB flying at incredible speeds and distances (~ 15 metres). 

To prepare a party popper for use all that needs to be done is to remove the contents of a party popper excluding the popper string and charge.

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Centimeters : 6.96 w x 6.56 d x 6.06 h
Inches : 2.74 w x 2.58 d x 2.39 h

WARNING: Take all necessary precautions and wear safety equipment during use. Be careful when handling party poppers, as they do contain explosives, and never fire at anyone.

Copyright (c) Chris Czech 2015

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

PartyPopperCannon [] - Barrell.stl 630 KB
PartyPopperCannon [] - Base.stl 782 KB
PartyPopperCannon [] - Wheel.stl 209 KB
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