GoPro Floaty / GoPro Pole - absolutely watertight by printing with PETG - NO Support needed!!! lemuba

As I didnĀ“t like most of the existing GoPro poles - because of needed support, or difficult to print, I designed one by myself. The shell thickness is 3mm - so the pole is very stable, but not too heavy.
I hope you like it? Let me know, if you require any modification or change - I will try my best accordingly :-)
Print settings (Simplify3D/Robo3D)
Black 1.75 PETG Filament from WINBO, or any other PETG filament - e.g. from ESUN.
0.4mm nozzle, print speed 50mm/sec.
Top Solid and Bottom Layers: 5
Outline Perimeters: 2
100% Infill
NO Support or Raft needed - it prints very nicely
E3D V6 Temperature: 250 degree celsius
Glas Bed with hairspray at 90 degree celcius
As you can see, my GoPro floats now very well and is "Safe At Sea" acccording to SOLAS, as designed and "Made in Germany" ;-)

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Uploaded 07/2/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

floater2.stl 253 KB
floater_v2.stl 178 KB
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