The Ultimate BBQ - Hamburger Patty Maker lemuba

This is a BBQ Patty Maker with ejector for very easy handling to remove the patties:-) It is very easy to print - no support or raft needed!
Non water absorbing-, food save Filament, e.g. PETG from WINBO or ESUN highly recommended!
This especially due to the risks of growing salmonella strains in e.g. water aborbing and not fast drying PLA... Print the round press with the center hole. Then glue it together with the the knob and attached center pin by using cyanoacrylate glue (instant glue). Enjoy your next BBQ!
You require any personalized letters, wording or symbol?
Please leave me a message and I will try my utmost to design and upload your personalized pressĀ  accordingly.

I suggest to print all files with PETG filament in 0.2mm.
Not more than 1 perimeter for the presses - else the letters may contain gaps, depending to your printer and slicer settings!
4-5 bottom and top layers
100% infill.

Using PETG, the patty press is abolutely dishwasher resistent up to 60-80 degree celsius water temp.

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Uploaded 07/2/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

BITE_ME.stl 51 KB
center_pin.stl 2 KB
ejector.stl 34 KB
hamburger_patty_maker_bottom_press_thinn.stl 21 KB
hart.stl 30 KB
knob.stl 87 KB
MINE.stl 35 KB
patty_maker_bottom.stl 20 KB
press.stl 23 KB
smily.stl 65 KB
smily2.stl 67 KB
YOURS.stl 68 KB
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