Portable Air Conditioner II MausolfB

This is another portable air conditioner prototype however this one uses an external source of coolant (as opposed to the first that used ice inside it). This model has cutouts for 4mm diameter copper tubing to run inside in front of the airflow from a 120mm fan. the coolant source then can be whatever you want to be (most might use a cooler filled with ice water and a pump).There's an integrated handle and a rear standoff counterbalance (40mm) that'll support most any 120mm-sized fan.Obviously, the pro is longer operational time depending on your coolant source (and less potential mess) at the con of having an external source.

You'll need fifteen ~4mm (or ~6mm/1/4" if printing the other version) diameter copper tubing cut around ~180mm each (the width of the model is 150mm). You'll also need a coolant source and 120mm fan.

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