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I really like the Tom Bihn snaphook design and thought I could make a 3d printable version! It is functionally similar, the strap arm has a lot of liberty to move. It prints assembled, you just need to add supports with your favorite slicer.

Here's a link to the actual part of the product I am refering to :

Printing Tips
The pictures I put up use the following specs :

  • PrintrBot Simple Metal
  • 0.2 Nozzle (The Simple Metal comes with a 0.4 FYI)
  • Colorfabb white PLA
  • 0.2 Pillar support, 45 degree angle in Simplify3D

As for infill, perimeter and layer height, you choose, I think it's printable with a 0.4 nozzle. Depends on the strength you need really.

Of course I can't guarantee the strength of this snaphook, I use it to hold keys...

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Tom Bin Strap Clip 2_fixed.stl
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Very nice, Simon!
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