Small Makerbot Reel Assembly Anida Technologies

File: Reel Assy.STL
Name: Small Makerbot Reel Assembly
Material: 134.82 grams ( 0.297 lbs)Size: 308 mm (12.1") x 152 mm (6") x 38 mm (1.5")Resolution: 0.20mmLayers: 196 layers Rafts: Yes   Supports: No
Print Time: 11 hr 33 min
Function:  There are a lot of "reel simulators" with hubs and fingers but I wanted a "real reel".  If you break the reel into a hub with one side flange and then simply the other flange and glue the two parts together you will have a "real reel". Of course there are alignment features on the simple flange to align to the hub.  The hub is sized for the Makerbot Mini and Fifith Generation printers.  The hub has a view window to see how much filament is used, an embossed arrow to show the filament pull off direction, and holes to attach the end of the filament.  I had to print the hub and flange separately due to the size of my build platform.  The center diameter is 2.09" (53.1mm) so if you print this half scale it will fit a 1" hub perfectly some of the DIY 3D printers. 

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Uploaded 10/25/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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