DeskOrbe v1.5 (SINGLE WORKING OBJECT) JoseMoreno

This Desk Toy Has Five Individual Moving Parts, No Assembly Required!

3 concentric geometries fixed on the same axis, combines the mechanics of 5 separate gears and visual aesthetics inspired by nature to create a beautiful, rotating desk-toy. The ribbed element adds protection to the meticulous internal workings and symbolizes the wonder of 3D printing moving parts in a single iteration. 
Makes a great gift for anyone that owns a desk. 
This is my first project as an 18 year old college bound high school senior using using Autocad for 3 months, feel free to message me suggestions and comments.All funds from the purchase of this DeskOrbe will go towards the pursuit of funding my college education.

DeskOrbe prints in a single piece, so no assembly is required.  The five separate moving parts will be ready to operate immediately after printing.

Email me with questions:

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Uploaded 05/21/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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Fantastic design! Just plain fun to look at.
Thank you!
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