co2 minigun simplified eonbrony

airsoft co2 minigun simplified and personally my favorite of the co2 minigun bunch.if I make this I will post a vid on how to use it.
( if I am going to make any co2 thing it would me this) i am going to make this more reliable and better soon.take it to airsoft or paintball wars if you can.
takes 3 1/2" by 7/8" co2 cartrages.this rotates clockwise.

I whould recommend only using the ones that have updated on the end.

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Uploaded 12/10/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

ball update.stl 43 KB
berrel update.stl 626 KB
boopeteboop.stl 2 MB
botom case update.stl 387 KB
co2 cutter update.stl 33 KB
set update.stl 2 MB
top case update.stl 1 MB
back suport ball.stl 441 KB
ball ring front.stl 2 MB
berrel cover.stl 281 KB
clip and berel.stl 296 KB
clip berrel suport bottom 1.stl 132 KB
clip berrel suport top.stl 127 KB
co2 cutter holder v2.stl 74 KB
co2 cutter holder.stl 73 KB
co2 cutter v2.stl 29 KB
co2 cutter.stl 155 KB
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