Headphone Wrap Phone Stand Jon Kraus

There are many different ways to wrap the headphones, I am just demonstrating one way. The current design is for the 4/4s 5/5s without a case, 6/6+/6s/6s+ with slim cases like the Tech 21 case shown in the pictures, and any other slim phone. It is very easy to modify the dimensions of the phone slot if needed to fit more phones. If I have some extra time I will upload some new versions for different thickness phones. I printed it on an Objet uPrint SE at my school. Once I get my printer I will update print settings. If you print it at around 100% infill it will take around 30 min and will give you the option to cut down the phone slot to allow it to fit on your phone.

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Uploaded 12/24/2015
3D Model STL.stl 246 KB
Headphone Wrap Phone Holder for .5in thick phones.stl 192 KB
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