GearBox for Robot battle (sumobot) Abdiel Carreño

Reduce high speed from the motor (DC 12V: 33000 rpm).
Compatible Models: 540,550,545.
Reduction aprox.: 1:44
Torque With DC Motor 545RH: 8.44
It was printed with PLA around 6 hours.
Test :
A real Sumobot with this Gearbox:

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You need :
2 screws for attaching the engine2 washers thickness of 1.1mm and 1.5mm in diameter1 motor model DC or 550 540 545 screws for top 3mmTwo rods or axles 3mm diameter x 50mm long*Rubber or silicone.

  • Place the wheel into the mold
  • Prepare the filling rubber.
  • Wait at least 6 hours to remove the mold (you can break or cut).

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Uploaded 12/27/2015
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Molde para llantas.STL
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Motoreductor sumo (repaired).stl
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pinon 34mm.STL
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Reductor conversor.STL
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salida izquierdo.STL
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tapa de la gear.STL
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