Photo Sweep Stand hpaul

Print at 100% fill and print the pin twice at 100% fill also. Printing each pin independently yields cleaner prints. The platens attach to the stands as shown using the the pins which go through the holes in the stands and are a force fit into the receiving holes of the platens. A spot of super glue at the platen end of the pin will make it permanent.  
To use, open the platen and feed the paper between the pivot and the stand. Holding the paper against the stand, close the platen and secure it under the hook on the stand.  
The flat plates behind the curves are for weights which are needed for heavier paper. If you plan to use only one size of paper, gluing the stands to a stiff cardboard or foam-core board will make the setup easier and even more stable.

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Very nice Photo Sweep Stand...and a great deal compared to paying $50 for one retail too!
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