Quick Block Mains Supply Dr Porkster

If like me you are forever needing to test electrical items quickly and can do without fussing around looking for the correct mains plug for something that you just want to test then store, then this is for you.
I have seen these for sale commercially and they go from £25 - £50. So I decided to designed one from scratch and build it myself for under £10.
Firstly you are going to need an illuminated power toggle switch, 3 springs and 4 small screws. The screws you will probably have kicking about in your workbench

I have arranged the build file into colours so that you can print all that you need in each colour at once.
The Live, Neutral and Earth toggles are all colured differently, but you could print them all the same colour and then paint them ( or Not )
You will need a fused mains cable, I used a 3amp fused plug for mine, then run the ends through the base block in the cut-outs, ( Neutral & Earth on one side & live on the other ) I soldered these ends to 1mm thick copper strips that I found in an old computer heat sink and these strips fit nicely into groves in the main switch block.
a small spring under each of the toggles makes for a nice action.
Plug it in, turn it on at the mains socket and insert each or your wire into corresponding toggle. Always start with the earth wire, then the neutral then the live. then swith on your illuminated toggle switch and Voilla !

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