Star Ranger spaceship Michael Cooper

This is the spaceship Star Ranger from the Starman book series (amazon link). The ship is main spaceship in the stories and appears on the cover of the 5th book, A Kingdom in Twilight(originally titled The Lost Race of Mars).
This model is 6 inches tall, although the one in the picture is 9 inches (scaled to 150%). I didn't think it would print well as one piece, so I chopped it off at the nose to give flat surfaces. The ship is bright red in the books, so I printed it with true red.

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StarRanger - Whole.stl 3 MB
StarRanger - NozzleH.stl 35 KB
StarRanger - Part Nose.stl 147 KB
StarRanger - Part Back no nozzle high res.stl 2 MB
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