Spaghetti Box Top Reamoprint

Here is a simple way of closing those darn Spaghetti Boxes. And you get a nice round opening that produces one serving at a time. No longer need to wonder if you got enough in the pot! HA!

Assembling the hinge is the most challenging part. Make sure to get the right orientation and use a little elbow grease to assemble.

Seems to work without the rubber band but I like the back up for sure. LOL.


Btw, I show the box tabs in the pictures.  But, I found it best to tear them off, the lid fits better that way.

Enjoy, John

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Spaghetti Box Flip Top 001a.stl
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Spaghetti Box Top 001a.stl
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John, that' s an ingenious design for our carb habit over here!
Thanks! Hey, carb away! Ha!
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