DRONE FPV 280 Gerome356

For less 150$ you can built a FPV quadcopter with an aerodynamic design
160 g ABS or PLA Carbon
Use 10 M3x16
2204 or 1806 Brushless motor
ESC in the body
5 or 6" propeller
700 or 800 TVL camera
CC3D silentbloc or other...

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Uploaded 03/26/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Base 250.STL 2 MB
Bras arriere droitb 280.STL 2 MB
Bras arriere gaucheb 280.STL 2 MB
Bras avant droit 280.STL 2 MB
Bras avant gauche 280.STL 2 MB
Coque Avant 250.STL 1 MB
longeron elec.STL 2 MB
pied arriere droit.STL 621 KB
pied arriere gauche.STL 615 KB
Pied avant droit.STL 577 KB
Pied avant gauche.STL 572 KB
Platine support 250.STL 4 MB
Support camera v2 10 deg.STL 47 KB
Support camera v2 20 deg.STL 56 KB
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