Print-rite DIY Printer X belt clearance fix hughee

I hate the way the "X" belt rubs against the metal tubes under the bed, so I had a go at designing and fitting a fix.
It's simply a small bracket that throws the belt about as low as it can go to avoid the rubbing. It works great on my machine, the only extra bits required other then the bracket is a pair of small bearings, I used a pair of 624ZZ but I'm sure you can modify to suit anything similar you have laying around, a longer 5mm screw to replace the original Idler screw and a 4mm screw for the 2 new bearings. 0.2 resolution, 30% infill, PLA.
Bearings used - 2 off 624ZZ

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Uploaded 04/25/2016
Print-Rite X belt clearance idler.stl
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