Athena Makeover Kit Jim Rodda

Sing, O muse, of science and of art and of trials and tessellation and tribulations, of dawn-laboring Zheng, and Barbie of the slim ankles.

Acolytes rush to Delphi's shimmering pool to behold the emerging vision. Great Hera! **A Kickstarter begins!**

With Faire Play, I'm making 3D printed medieval armor for Barbie dolls. To the goddess of Wisdom I offer this Athena Makeover Kit as tribute, so that She may guide this campaign to success.

Watch Barbie's debut in full battle gear ( in the Kickstarter video, and support Open Source design while you're there.
The spear and aegis should clip on to pretty much any doll that's roughly Barbie-sized, but the boots are designed specifically for a doll in the Barbie Fashionistas line. (

I've got the prototype medieval armor finished and reliably printing on an FDM printer, now I just need to make it look fabulous. I'll be posting updates at over the next couple of weeks. #staytuned!

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Uploaded 06/6/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

aegis.stl 2 MB
aegis_clip.stl 42 KB
boot_ll.stl 449 KB
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boot_rl.stl 466 KB
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boots.stl 2 MB
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A formidable aegis for a blond beauty...a work worthy of...Zheng.
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