Bloxen, Bramble Jim Rodda

*"The dryads defend the remains of their glades with passion unmatched by Men."*
*-Qie Zi, **The Art of Seej***


I've long wanted to design a model that would be difficult to manufacture with traditional means. Most of the other bloxenI've designed could in theory be sculpted, injection-molded, or cast, but I'm thinking you'd have a hard time getting any of those processes to work for the Bramble Bloxen.

I also wanted to push the capabilities of my FDM printers. I've tried to design it with internal supports and minimal overhangs, but I'm sure I missed a >45 degree vine or two somewhere in the tangle.

Kestenbaum the squirrel is perched on a half-buried skull, but other Easter Eggs are nestled within the thicket. Download the model and poke around the geometry yourself, or view screencaps from the modeling process:

Printing with high infill and/or at least 2 shells is recommended for strength so your nozzle doesn't snag the top layer of a vine and break it off during the print.

The thorny tenons at the top of this gratuitously complex bloxen will interlock with other [Seej]( models.

**Flagrant stagecraft alert:** the bloxen in this photo is printed at 200% scale. I'm waiting until I get a next-generation FDM printer before I try this again at 1:1.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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A very impressive thicket indeed...with such a smooth macabre skull for Poeish ilk.
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