Cribbage Board and Pegs Anida Technologies

File: Cribbage.stl
Name: Cribbage Board with Pegs
PLA Material: 127.55 grams ( 0.28 lbs) Infill = 11%
Size: 190.50 mm (7.5") x 77.97 mm ( 3.07") x 15.72 mm (.62")
Resolution: 0.20mm
Layers: 84 layers
Rafts: Yes
Supports: No
Print Time: 15 hr 5 min
Function: This is a three person cribbage board and nine pegs (three sets of three).  The pegs can be printed in different colors but the tops of the pegs are different geometries (spherical, hex, and pryamid) so they can be printed in the same color.  Since the pegs are printed at the same time then this can be printed at any scale so you can make a travel size version.

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Uploaded 06/18/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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