Box for Canon SX700HS camera nenadr

A box to hold Canon SX700HS camera, though it would probably fit other Canon cameras. Size is reasonably well parametrized, so dimensions should not be too hard to change, but I didn't make any special effort to document how. It has a place to hold a spare battery.

Designed in openSCAD, has source files.

The main box is filleted and will probably take a while to render. The resulting STL is not a manifold, but will slice correctly, at least using Slic3r - it's due to the complexity of filleting constructs.

When I used the NetFabb model repair service, it also did away with certain cavities I placed in around battery holder to reduce the weight.

Please fell free to use or modify as you see fit.

Print instructions

I printed this in ABS, using 0.2mm layers and brim. The model contains supports. Since I wanted the box to be sturdy and waterproof (it's meant for outdoor use), I had 100% infill.

Hinges, padding and gasket

I used thick solid copper wire through the hinge to serve as the axle. I used the same wire for the closing clasp. Depending on your print quality, you might have to sand the hinges slightly so the box closes properly - or you can move the hinges out a millimeter or so. I also had to drill out the axis hole in the clasp a bit to get the wire through. Padding is provided by a car headliner material, but any sort of thin sponge should work. I had a great deal of trouble making a gasket to make the box moderately waterproof. I finally used packing material from a recently purchased monitor.

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