Raspberry Pi 3 Hybrid Slim Case kuhnibaert

This is a case for Raspberry Pi 3.

Since i am fascinated from the small size of the raspberry pi, I wanted to keep the case as small as possible. 

Furthermore I wanted to ensure accessibility of the GPIO´s, the flat cable connections and all of the ports.

In addition I wanted to have various mounting options.
You have a flat bottom surface so that you can simply use double sided tape.
You have mounting holes in the bottom so that the case can be screwed.
And on top you have "Quick mounting" devices. once the "quick mounting devices" are screwed, you can install and remove the raspberry pi easily without using and tools.

For designing the Case I used a 3D Model of the raspberry itself so the case actually fits very well.

please note:
Since each printer has its own tolerances and therefore the print quality might vary from machine to machine - you can slightly rework the print with some sandpaper at the following sections:

-the 4 Push pins in the top cover: The fit should be tight. But in case you need too much forces to push the top into the bottom (danger of destruction) please slightly rework with sandpaper.

- the wall mounts: The fit should be tight. But in case you need too much forces to push the case into the wall mounts please slightly rework with sandpaper.

Print recommendation:
I recommend high infill percentage.
Layer Height = 0.1mm to 0.15mm
Supports are not required.

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Uploaded 08/26/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

RPI3d_HYBRID BOT 00.stl 218 KB
RPI3d_HYBRID TOP 00.stl 351 KB
RPI3d_HYBRID CLAMP 00.stl 120 KB
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Good design! I like it
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