Philco Tombstone Radio JD Ellis

Philco Tombstone Radio. I've always loved these old Radio's. Being a electronic Geek, and having this ZCJ LCD_FM_RX_ENC_V1.3 laying around. It's a small FM receiver. I decided to try? And design an old radio around it. The original Phico did not have knobs in front, so I took some artistic license for the FM receiver. Check the pictures, I used of the original for the design.I have ideas to make more of these in the future, different designs of the 1940's art deco radios. 

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Uploaded 09/14/2016
Philco Tombstone Radio back plate final.stl
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Philco Tombstone Radio updated - Philco Tombstone Radio (repaired) (repaired).stl
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Radio Knobs.stl
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