Hexacopter 125 / 110mm spracing f3 coreless 8.5x200mm Microdure

Cadre hexa ABS: DCH125 / 110mm FC: SP F3 RACING EVO Hexa Flight Control Pinceau (cleanflight & betaflight)

Motors: http://bit.do/Coreless-Chaoli -8-5x20
La protection des Moteurs: http://bit.do/Caoutchouc-moteur-8-5x20mm
Prop: http://bit.do/propeller-60mm récepteur: http://bit.do/Recepteur-dsmx sat-2048 Lipo: 1S 500/750 nanotech mha / graphènes de 750mha Appareil photo: http://bit.do/CameraTransmetteur-AV-FX797T-5-8G- 25m W
Diamètre 9mm buzzer http: //www.myrcmart. com / buzzer-5V-% CE% A696mm long bi-p-9017.html? p = LD020411878172015024


I drew this hexadcopter FPV that is complete and at a price accessible to all.My wish is to fight against some sellers of goods boxes rc, specialist planned obsolescence.planned obsolescence in which already discouraged many young beginners in the RC.
I wish you lots of fun with this hexadcopter is infinitely repairable









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Uploaded 09/17/2016

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fixation cam Hexa.stl
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Hexa compartiment recepteur et buzzer.stl
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Hexa couvercle recepteur et buzzer.stl
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Hexa fixation lipo.stl
(472 KB)
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Hexa pour compartiment fc.stl
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