UpAir One Camera Lock 2 michael roy

This is the one missing thing that you need for you UpAir drone, it will lock your integrated 2k or 4k camera, NOT for firefly type old style upair gimbal,  during shipping and travel and just caring around, it is design like a spring to take some impact, 
""but please remove before flight""

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Uploaded 09/20/2016

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Hi when will this item ship out ?
Passt leider NICHT bei
der Upair one PLUS version:(
i do not know if it will fit, the plus, but i think they have same camera
Passt leider nicht bei
der Upair one PLUS version:(
vale para la version 4k
yes fits both 2k and 4k
Do you have to have tokens to print this?
if you can buy with enough tokens, or pay money, both work
Hi you might mention to prospective byers that some public libraries have free ed printing. Lucky me, mine does!
Trying to get this printed locally. Was this modeled in mm, cm, or inches?
MM always....
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