UpAir One BIGASS SUPER Vented lipo cover with fan mount michael roy

this super lipo cover has more vent to let in downward forcing air from props

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Uploaded 09/21/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

UpAir BIGASS SUPER Vented lipo cover with fan mount.stl 882 KB
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In which material should i have it made and with which production technique? I'm looking at 3d hubs.com
Would this work with the 7000mah XR4 PRo lipo that i saw in one of your other pictures ? would you recommend this lipo from your experience ? or another to get maximum flight time ?
i use abs at 45% fill and it works fine
I have both the gimbal lock and the battery cover and both work well. Good job.
thanks you
Michael, have you ever been asked or thought of designing a battery cover for the Upair One transmitter that would allow a larger battery to be used, say a 2200mA, 3S lipo?
it already holds a 2200 lipo.....i know new ones come with 1500, but mine both came with 2200, look at hobbyking and put in measuements on there site under lipo finder, and it will find one that fits
Hey I have bought and printed the cover and love it, what size fan will fit ?
Hello! I would like to know, if I pay 4$ what are you going to send, the product itself or a product sketch with the measures to print it later with a 3D printer?
it is the 3d file, you get file in mail, .STL and it works in most 3d printers, or you can upload to 3dhubs.com and they will find and printer close to you print it and ship part to your home, for a fee, hope that helps
How do I get tokens
Why can not download ????
can you send photo of payment and your email......i will send....if you cant conntact REDPAH and they will help me with payment....thank you
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