Dji Inspire 1 airframe clone Canopy shell Alan Cardy

A fully printable canopy for CdRsKuLL's printable quadcopter on Thingiverse.
A very lightweight (1mm skin) replacement 
Infill doesn't matter 20% is fine, comes in 4 parts, top part is bolted together with 3mm nut and bolts.
I've designed this with minimal supports needed, but will require full supports on. I have uploaded a couple of parts for free on here so you can see if you like what I've done.

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Uploaded 10/5/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Canopymk2 TOPV1 back.stl 9 MB
Canopymk2 TOPV1 front.stl 7 MB
Canopymk2BottomV1.stl 9 MB
Canopymk2frontV1.stl 10 MB
DroneBatteryCover.stl 435 KB
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post on another site
Its on ebay
Please help me
Please help me
post on another site
There PayPal ban in Turkey
Yes sorry, redpah doesn't accept different payment
PayPal ban in Turkey
PayPal ban in Turkey
PayPal also does not help How do I shop turkey or apply the purchase of another
Hi, I am not sure what you mean, could you ask again
it haven´t soport gimbal, its worng. i need frame with soport gimbal.
botoom is to large but iam printing rest of the parts and looks fine
thanks for input, which way do you mean too large?
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