Zheng3 China Puzzle Jim Rodda

This is a puzzle map of the People's Republic of China.

PDF maps in English, pinyin, and Simplified characters are included for your educational convenience.


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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

anhui.stl 15 KB
chongqing.stl 15 KB
fujian.stl 10 KB
gansu.stl 32 KB
guangdong.stl 18 KB
guangxi.stl 17 KB
guizhou.stl 14 KB
hainan.stl 5 KB
hebei.stl 16 KB
heilongjiang.stl 24 KB
henan.stl 15 KB
hubei.stl 16 KB
hunan.stl 16 KB
jiangsu.stl 12 KB
jiangxi.stl 12 KB
jilin.stl 16 KB
liaoning.stl 13 KB
nei_menggu.stl 54 KB
ningxia.stl 8 KB
qinghai.stl 20 KB
shaanxi.stl 18 KB
shandong.stl 13 KB
shanxi.stl 11 KB
sichuan.stl 29 KB
taiwan.stl 4 KB
xinjiang.stl 28 KB
xizang_disputed.stl 24 KB
xizang_prc.stl 24 KB
yunnan.stl 28 KB
zhejiang.stl 12 KB
zheng3_china_map_README.txt 992
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