Zheng3 Cocktail Arsenal Jim Rodda

Includes: battle axe, tepoztopilli, assegai, trishula, claymore, and guan dao.

Warning: Consumption of alcohol in the presence of weapons has been shown to initiate armed conflict.

Mrs. Zheng3's Long Island Iced Tea recipe: bit.ly/MXPaHx

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Uploaded 06/6/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

assegai.stl 147 KB
battle_axe.stl 180 KB
claymore.stl 36 KB
guan_dao.stl 144 KB
tepoztopilli.stl 84 KB
trishula.stl 49 KB
zheng3_cocktail_arsenal_README.txt 204
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