Zheng3 Happy Family Chopstick Rest Jim Rodda

This zip file contains chopstick rests for every member of your immediate family: dad, mom, big brother, little brother, big sister, and little sister. Son and daughter, too.

I've also included "concubine" and "eunuch" in case anyone in your household fits those descriptions.

Translations in the archive and also at zheng3.com/2012/07/14/optimizing-hobby-time/

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Uploaded 06/6/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

baba.stl 470 KB
blank.stl 297 KB
chopstick_rests_README.txt 595
complete_set.stl 4 MB
didi.stl 450 KB
erzi.stl 380 KB
gege.stl 440 KB
huanguan.stl 437 KB
jiejie.stl 627 KB
mama.stl 498 KB
meimei.stl 457 KB
nuer.stl 386 KB
qie.stl 405 KB
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Finally, we have a gift for our concubine! Nice work as always, Zheng. :)
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