Keltec Sub2000 Picatinny Rail Add-On Supa Steve

I have finally completed the Keltec Sub2000 Picatinny Add-on rail!
This unit is installed on the front add-on port by taking the foregrip apart and first removing the existing plastic part. See pics. A hole will need to be drilled into the carbine's foregrip at the end of the picatinny, and a bolt placed for final installation. This is the only modification needed to install this, as it is a "drop in" upgrade. See accompanying photos.

PRINT: Print SLOW for best quality and accuracy!
30mm/s speed, 100% infill, support enabled, .08 layer height, 4mm nozzle, 1.2 top and bottom thickness, retraction enabled, 205 C temperature, 55 C bed temperature.
I printed this in PLA, but you can adjust these settings for ABS if you wish.

Installation: Take the foregrip apart. Remove the plastic part at the front of the foregrip. Place the picatinny in place, put the foregrip together and carefully drill a matching hole through the picatinny hole into the foregrip. Remove 1/2 the grip, place a matching bolt, small lock (star style) washer and nut. Hand tighten enough for the nut to just catch the lock washer. Now reassemble the foregrip, tighten all the screws. Then tighten the picatinny screw. The lock washer should keep the inside nut from spinning. Voila!

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Sub2000 Picatinny Bottom Mount.stl 65 KB
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