GoPro Table Clamp Mount Jamie Dubauskas

This is my first model that i ever created myself with parts of different 3D models. This GoPro mount allows the GoPro (version 3 and above) to be clamped anywhere (mostly tables) for a unique perspective for videos. Be sure to use a skeleton GoPro case to make the camera as light as possible.

This one is great →

Please comment any questions in regards to errors and/or fixes

Supports are optional for everything EXCEPT the cylinder!!!
Print the cylinder with the flat face facing down.


  1. Use peg to connect cylinder to the clamp base and epoxy together for best results. 
  2. Let dry & cure for 24 hours.

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Uploaded 12/11/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

clamp base with peg.stl
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gopro extension.stl
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