Holiday Lantern with Swappable Panels David Hart

This is by far my best 3D model ever.  My wife wanted me to create   for her a holiday lantern with snow flakes.  Well I took it one step   further and created a lantern that you can mix and match different   panels.  I've created a few sets initially.  Leave comments abou  t new panels you'd like me to create and I'll upload them.  I really   hope you all enjoy this lantern.  FYI - I'm using a 3 inch high tea light that I bought at TJ max.  It flickers like a candle.  I've uploaded pictures for you to check it out.  Update:  I added a tea light shroud for people who can't find the 3 inch tea lights.  It's just an open cylinder that will surround your tea light.  You obviously will have to print it in a PLA/ABS that is white or clear.  

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