Holiday Lantern - Xmas Shadow Panels David Hart

I created these Christmas shadow panels. They will project the holiday images on your walls. Mileage varies depending on your light source in your Lantern. These panels are for the Holiday Lantern located here -->

NOTE: You need in put the panels with writing in backwards into your Lantern so the Text shows up correctly on your walls.

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Uploaded 12/11/2016
Holiday_Lantern_-_Xmas_Shadow_Panels.stl 6 MB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Xmas_Shadow_Panels_1.stl 1 MB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Xmas_Shadow_Panels_2.stl 3 MB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Xmas_Shadow_Panels_3.stl 1 MB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Xmas_Shadow_Panels_4.stl 1 MB
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