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So, I have been an ameteur Vintner (Wine Maker) for about a year, now, and I really enjoy it. However, all the bottle drying racks I have seen aren't exactly what I want. I found one like this but it was designed for smaller beer bottles, and risked breaking the arms if I placed heavier wine bottles on them. I certainly don't want that.So you can say I was inspired by the design, but I completely tore it down and redesigned it. Mine has a 6 wine bottle capacity for each Body segment you print. Bottles are held up by 1/4 inch wood dowels you can cut to your own length (6 inches works well) and insert into the holes in the Body. It also offers drainage that directs the sanitizing solution draining off the bottles to one of the legs. This allows you to place it beside a sink and have the drainage go into the sink rather than onto the countertop. I also had issues with flatness on the bottom of the legs, so I added ball feet to allow it to sit more securely on slightly uneven surfaces. To install these, simply turn the legs over and tap the feet into each hole until they stop. Assemble, and test for flatness on the countertop.I laid out the initial Complete Kit to fit on a 200mm X 200mm print bed.
All in all, I am pretty happy with it. If you want to dry more bottles, print more Body segments and build the tree higher. I recommend no more than 4 Body segments high for stability. Also, be sure to EVENLY space your bottles across from each if you aren't completely filling up one of the Body segments. That way you don't get the "Leaning Tower of Pisa" effect and risk the tree falling over, or becoming unstable. You don't want to break those precious wine bottles you worked so hard for, or cut yourself on broken glass! Four segments will yield 24 bottles which is about a 5 gallon batch of wine ( and a couple glasses left over for your own tasting! :-)

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