Insect hotel Filip De Cooman

I made a small insect hotel for backyard use. It is made of 3 chambers and a roof, each containing a specific shape wich can be used by a specific kind of insect. This type will mostly be used by honeybees. I glued the roof on top of the frame and used a screw to fix it to a tree. I printed everything on its side and used no rafts or support.
Infill was 20%. This isn't a super long print, depending on the layer height of course. It's about 200mm high and isn't too bulky, so it's still useable against a tree or a fencepole.

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Uploaded 02/5/2017

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

insecten_hotel_dak.stl 20 KB
insecten_hotel_doos.stl 21 KB
insecten_hotel_rond.stl 59 KB
insecten_hotel_frame.stl 4 KB
honingraat_insecten_hotel.stl 49 KB
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