29mm Rocket max

I made another one with a different fin, This one should work just as well. each section is 198mm long. The rectangle on the side is so it whistles and hopefully spins. I had to add the text into the body so no one would print them and sell them. You will need some tubing listed here. 
you will want the 1.1 phenolic tube it comes in 36in length 
(Phenolic Airframe Tubing 1.145" 0.062" 36" 4.6 oz. $12.99) (cut off 1 foot)
You will need to cut off a small pice and make a sinch ring out of it to attach your recovery harness to. tie a knot on the end and glue it into the 1 ft pice. ( Note: make sure to leave 7mm out on the back for the retainer.)

You will also want to cut off another small pice about 70 to 80mm long. that will connect #2 and #3 together.

Add nose weight until the CG in about centered. When doing this put the motor casing into the back so you don't mess it up when you put the motor in.

Print in PETG or any other high temp filament.

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