Thrustmaster T series universal tablet/phone hud bracket Carlos

This is a bracket that screws behind and above the wheel shaft of Thrustmasters t series wheel. it allows you to use a phone or a tablet. it compatible with all t series wheels that have Thrustmasters quick release mechanism. 
simple and effective

install instructions
Get up to ten strong magnets and hot glue them to the bracket.

wait till the glue sets.
place screw nuts over magnets. (so that magnetic field doesnt damage battery) then put hot glue on exposed side of bolt nuts. make sure you dont hot glue the nut to the magnet. 
align tablet or phone and place over the nuts. let it set.

when its set pull the tablet or phone from the bracket (nuts are now aligned properly on the back of the tablet)  

now take the same amount of magnets that where used on the bracket and 1 by 1 make place them over the magnets on the base

this is to insure that the polarity is correct before Hot gluing them to the device. once complete

dap hot glue on the exposed ends of the magnet.
not place your device over the new magnets and allign as need.

allow it to settle. then detach

all your magnets should now be attach to the nuts on the device. and the same amount should be attached to the bracket hud

now finish by adding hot glue to secure device, nut, and magnet, do the same to the magnet on the bracket. by adding hot glue around the magnets

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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