Boot Jack (set of) salvador-richter

This is a set of boot jacks.
Starting with very tiny children size up to large men feet.
If is not tiny enough or not large enough or not stable enough drop a not and you will get your size as addon to your order.
I created this one for my six year old daughter, so she can tear of her riding boots or her rain boots without help from us.
baseXX means the minimum diameter of the boot cut.
There is one special type fit on a 200x200 mm printer and works for boot base 50.

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Uploaded 09/28/2017

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

bootjack_base40.stl 19 KB
bootjack_base50.stl 21 KB
bootjack_base50_200x200.stl 18 KB
bootjack_base60.stl 21 KB
bootjack_base70.stl 19 KB
bootjack_base80.stl 19 KB
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