Airsoft Ares Amoeba Stock and Battery Extensions (long and short) am-013/014 On_The_Ground

Battery extencion (Long and Short) and Stock for ares amoeba am-013 and am-014

Sliced in multiple pieces for ease of printing and possible rubber backplate (TPU). And a complete model if you want to print a solid model.

The stock parts can be printed in PLA or a stronger fillamet type if you want.

Post printing. Use glue to join the parts if you have printed in separate pieces.

Battery Extension:
Extends the battery compartment. and dissables inner locking position for the stock. Instead of the mechanical lock you can use 1-4 (i use 2) 6x2mm round magnets and a metal plate inside the stock.

Additional parts:
1-4pcs 6x2mm round magnets
Small metal plate 1mm thick or less

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Uploaded 11/26/2017

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Batt_ext_Long_k1.STL 3 KB
Batt_ext_Long_k2.STL 2 KB
Batt_ext_Short.STL 71 KB
Batt_ext_Short_k1.STL 4 KB
Batt_ext_Short_k2.STL.STL 4 KB
Rubber_1.STL 285 KB
Rubber_2.STL 23 KB
Stock_Back.STL 38 KB
Stock_Front.STL 88 KB
Stock_One_Piece.STL 485 KB
Stock_Sling_Mount.STL 51 KB
Batt_ext_Lont.STL 69 KB
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