Car-pawn for Pitstop board game Martin.p

This is a car-pawn of the boardgame "Pitstop". Redesigned in 3D to reproduce original part.
Can be printed in ABS thickness of layer 0.2 or less at temperature 240-245 degrees.

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Uploaded 12/30/2017

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Pitstop car.stl 232 KB
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Fantastic redesign! The 3D model captures the essence of the original Pitstop car-pawn perfectly. Printing guidelines provided ensure quality replication.
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Nice job on redesigning the car-pawn for Pitstop! If you need any assistance with 3D printing or tweaking the design, I've got your back. Oh, and don't forget PDF tools can come in handy for sharing designs.
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