Nespresso Space-Saving capsules dispenser stv-is-it


Each dispenser contains a full 10-capsule package.

You can put more nearby dispensers to have a wide choice of tastes (and colors).

The main element can be printed in 1 single piece (COMPLETE) or in 2 parts (FRONT, REAR) to be joined with glue.
For the single-piece version a Z-axis of at least 300 mm is required,
for the 2-part version the 150 mm Z-axis is sufficient.

Print the long parts vertically for better accuracy.Assembly instructions: Place the triangular support under the kitchen cupboards with the 2 screw holes facing you (also add the tube-dispenser to find the right depth). Mark the points to insert the screws (preferable) or if you prefer you can use good quality double-sided tape. Secure the stand. Select the inclination you prefer by inserting in the back of the tube-dispenser The element that adjusts the inclination between 20-25-30-35 degrees (in the video is used the 20 degrees).

Fill the tube-dispenser with the capsules and insert it into the support as shown in the video.


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The beauty of this article is its simplicity. The wisdom shared is accessible to everyone, regardless of infinite craft background.
This is very nice, indeed.
Spinner Tools
The space-saving dispenser often comes with a rotating base, allowing for smooth and easy access to all sides.
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Designed specifically for Nespresso capsules, this dispenser ensures compatibility Palworld Breeding Calculator with your favorite Nespresso machine.
Could someone please advise me on the optimal speed and infill percentage for printing the various parts? slope
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Ciao, I want to buy , great product. I need 3 from them, habe I to pay 21€ or only 7€ ?. Greetings from Austria. Reinhart
Ciao Reinhart, you buy once and print it (for personal use) more times.
Have a nice day.
can anybody tell me the best % of infill and speed for printing the different parts ?
Hi, I recommend a infill of at least 40%.
It just for original Nespresso capsule or it can be used for vertuo ?
It also works perfectly with non-original Nespresso capsules, (but compatible).
The only problem you can have is that SOME non-original Nespresso capsules are 1-2 mm taller. In this case you can put 9 in the dispenser, but everything works perfectly.
It is not for Vertuo capsules.
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