Extruder press Sergio Lanna

This tool is useful when you have to change the filament often, for example when printing with different colored layers, as holding the lever down to extract and insert the filament can be uncomfortable. Furthermore, the extruder can not be moved during the filament change maneuver, preventing the print from returning to the wrong position.
You need two 50 mm screws and a normal nut and a wing nut.POST PRINTING:Insert the piece with the tape in the lower plate, insert the screws, the one on the left with the head on the bottom and the nut on the top while the one on the right with the head on the top and the nut with the wings on the bottom.
Tighten the nuts until light pressure is applied to the lever to insert the extruder filament.
When you have to change the filament, tighten the nut at the top with a key and the one at the bottom with the wings by hand until the filament is free.
After changing the filament loosen the nuts again

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