Customizable pen holder Sergio Lanna

I made this pen holder for my son Leonardo. You can personalize it by putting your name or any written request.

I made the pen holder in two different sizes in height, print the one you like best

You can print in two colors with set a chang filament at the right time or with different gcode files for avery level (color)

I strongly recommend printing through separate gcode (one for each print level), especially if you need to print more than two levels (colors), because it is a much more precise and reliable method and because you can print even days away from one level to another (without removing the part already printed from the print bed)

If you do not immediately print the next levels, it is advisable to heat the print bed, with the previously printed part, for a few minutes before printing.

The gcode files comnig soon

You can customizable with your name

If you need model with your name write me

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Uploaded 07/8/2018

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Portapenne Leo long.stl 2 MB
Portapenne Leo short.stl 2 MB
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